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I was homeschooled by my mother, Janet Schultz, for most of my academic career. The things that were emphasized and that I learned through the philosophy of Janet Schultz has set me up for success throughout the phases of my life. Some styles emphasized were incredible critical thinking, using creativity, independent problem-solving, thinking outside of the box, being curious, being less judgmental of oneself, being confident and thus allowing me to believe I can achieve anything. Janet is able to do this so well because she acts more as a guide in learning, she emphasizes the importance of developing oneself as an individual with a focus on real life transferable skills that are in valuable as a child grows up and becomes an adult. The focus on nature and experiential learning is something that I have taken with me as I’ve aged. I have gone on to receive a masters degree as well as pursing a PhD. My sister was also educated by Janet for most of her academic career and she has gone on to be a very successful nurse. I am now a psychotherapist owning my own practice. I would not even fathom pursuing graduate school and even owning my own business without the education that Janet offered me. If you want your children to believe that the sky is the limit for them and for them to be independent critical thinkers, enroll them in Janet’s school. I would not be the professional I am today if not for her and her teaching philosophy.

-Katheryn Grimsley, MSW, LCSW

"... It was Phenomenal. Today has been the best day I've had in a while. For me... this opportunity started off as just another project in gain of community service hours. But when I stepped onto their property, I knew it was going to be a game changer for me. Now, I'm not the girl who goes for hikes through forests, swamps, mountains or anything. Nature and me? Mmmm no, lol. But today opened a side of me that I didn't know existed. Here i was able to pet horses and donkeys, play with cats and read stories, experience joy through full action painting (Jackson Pollock), build a tent from wood, and even picked blueberries...all in one day!! But best of all, I got to make life-long memories with friends..."  

-Kalista Velasco (13, Rising 9th Grader)

"I really love going to the farm. There is a horse named Teddy that has really taken up with me and two farm cats named uh-oh and puzzles. We get to feed the horses and ducks. I also really like the field trips, craft and just playing outside."

-Jayce Hill (11, Rising 6th Grader)

"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Janet Schultz as a treasure to the furthering of education in all children. I first experienced time in Janet's classroom when I was a young girl. High up a cherry tree I was watching the birds while listening to her read aloud the most beautiful story I had ever heard. I immediately fell in love with her ideas of education and grew to carve a path for myself to homeschool my four children in this manner. These are vital heartbeats of a child's education. Janet has a rare understanding of how and what children must learn. Deeply rooted in the principles of Charlotte Mason's live giving philosophy of education she is devoted to educating the child with the most wonder filled ideas through stories, nature, art, poetry, and music just to name a few. Your child will thoroughly thrive this summer if engaged in this wonderful opportunity. In a word full of distractions what an amazingly rare and fulfilling way for them to spend their summer days. Simply being a child."

- Ashleigh

"My 7 year old son, Liam, has absolutely loved spending this summer with Ms. Janet. He loves being in the outdoors and feeding the farm animals. I know from personal experience that some children thrive in non-traditional classroom settings. It is a joy to see my son love learning and I highly recommend anyone with children to consider this style of education."

- Jessica

"This is the one I visited!!! It's absolutely AMAZING!! And I'm so happy she is offering half days!!"

-Elizabeth McEacheran

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